About Max
About Max
About Max

“Digital is the ability to enable a distributed business model in order to deliver a contextually relevant experience to your customers.”


Max has successfully founded and grown digital companies from scratch to millions in revenue and consulted to major global clients including The Blackstone Group and NOI Strategies. He has raised capital for early stage companies, authored published articles on digital strategies and digital evolution, and advised leadership teams of major enterprises including The GPT Group, The Bluestar Group, ANZ Wealth, The Hollywood Reporter, Hertz, and The Fairmont Hotels & Resorts.

With two decade’s experience working with brands & companies across multiple industries in the USA, Europe, Hong Kong and Australia, Max realised a market need for a new breed of digital consultancy: one that transforms businesses into sustainable and profitable digital companies instead of singularly focusing on one off campaigns.

His latest business venture - Sidekick Industries - was born out of his frustration and realisation that four key daily activities that 90% of people do, could be greatly improved and made more convenient through the use of ultra-wearable technology.

As a digital native Max began coding at the age of 6 and started his career in 1996 as an award-winning website designer & developer. Today, he is an accomplished and sought-after innovation & digital strategy leader, contributor, speaker, and customer experience & business design consultant.

Max is currently Co-Founder and President at Sidekick Industries

Founder & Chief Experience Strategist at Stratforce

Contributor at Which-50.com

Founding Board Member at the International Emerging Film Talent Association